Services What I do and how I do it


I specialise in editing technical and business-related material, such as reports, manuals, policies and procedures, presentations, web content, promotional brochures and flyers, prospectuses, etc.

I only edit digital files on screen, using Microsoft Word for Windows, and use Word's Track Changes and Comments to show my revisions.

I can also set up or apply Microsoft Word templates, format your Word document, or fix a badly formatted Word document.

For websites, I edit in HTML, or via your content management system.

How I do it

My editing philosophy: There are no editing 'rules', only conventions and guidelines, both of which change over time and vary from place to place and organisation to organisation.

How I approach your documents:

  • I advocate for the reader.
  • I remove clutter and distil words to their basic and clear meaning, with the aim of achieving a 'plain language' document.
  • I believe that clarity, brevity, and consistency are paramount.

Technical writing

As at January 2022: I no longer offer technical writing services, preferring to focus on technical editing.

Webpage last updated: 04 January 2022