Rates per hour

Note: Rates are reviewed at least once a year, typically in December, with new rates applying from 1 January.

Standard rate

per hour (Australian dollars [or equivalent in other currencies] + GST for Australian clients)


I only work on an hourly rate basis. If I ask you to send me a sample document, I'll give you a 'guesstimate' but I don't know how long it will take until I get into the actual job.

This blog post lists some factors that determine 'how long it takes': https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/how-long-will-the-editing-take/ and the information at the beginning of the list of copyediting tasks gives approximate times for different length documents.

Rush rate

per hour (Australian dollars [or equivalent in other currencies] + GST for Australian clients)


Rush jobs are those that:

  • have a tight turnaround time, or
  • require me to work outside standard Australian business hours (evenings, weekends, and/or public holidays) to meet your deadline.

In addition to this higher hourly rate, you must pay a 50% deposit of the total estimate before I will start work.

New clients

If we haven't worked together before, you are a new client and these payment conditions will apply:

  • 50% of the estimated total paid into my bank or PayPal account before I start work
  • balance on completion—I will return your files only after I receive the final payment.

Notes & terms

There's an old saying: 'Cheap, fast, and accurate/good—pick two'! Typically, I'm fast and accurate, but I'm not cheap. I'm passionate about producing quality work, and have spent many years learning and honing my skills. I'll also treat your documents with the utmost confidentiality. You're paying for a quality result from a committed professional who cares about your documentation.

I work from home. If you want me to come to your workplace, you are responsible for:

  • all the costs of getting me there and back (fuel, travel time [at standard hourly rate], air fares, taxi fares etc.)
  • paying my expenses (parking, meals, accommodation, etc.) while I'm working for you on site. NOTE: If my total day (travel time plus time on site) exceeds 8 hours, at least one night's accommodation is required.

I cover my own:

  • Australian taxes and GST
  • Superannuation
  • Workers compensation, public liability, and professional indemnity insurances.

Webpage last updated: 01 January 2023