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STC (2002): Training 101: Learn How to Train

Training 101: Learn How to Train from Rhonda Bracey

I presented a paper at the 49th Annual STC Conference in Nashville, May 2002, entitled "Training 101: Learn how to train". The audience for the paper was for those who know their subject matter well - the scenario was that they have suddenly been asked to present a computer training course in another city because the regular trainer has been taken ill... and they've never trained before.


STC (2003): Training 101: Logistics for Delivering Face-to-Face Instruction

Training 101: Logistics for delivering face-to-face instruction from Rhonda Bracey

A similar paper was presented at the 50th Annual STC Conference in Dallas, May 2003, this time titled "Training 101: Logistics for delivering face-to-face instruction".



Here's what some people have said about these presentations:

  • Your materials on "Training 101: Learn how to train" are some of the most comprehensive and well organised that I've seen in the past twenty years of my training and education management career. For the administration of training these will help novices and long-time professionals remember all of the critical details that make training successful. Much of what you document is taken for granted or assumed, and thus, often times forgotten, leaving the training professional looking and feeling less than professional in their delivery. So, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world. (Rick Gilmore, Denver, Colorado, June 2008)
  • I [received] the proceedings with your materials and reading through them once again, I believe that yours is such a fabulous resource--extremely comprehensive as well as sound. ...I want to say that I adored your [Training 101] presentation. It was absolutely fantastic. You provided specific, practical tools (i.e., the checklist of what to do before class) and strategies (use a toy to indicate that student has finished the exercise) that you have developed, used, and perfected from real life experiences; in addition, the presentation and materials were extremely clear, easy to understand, and organized. I strongly believe that trainers the world over, whether beginning or advanced would benefit from your "Tool Kit," because it is (1) Effective and (2) Comprehensive. (David Williams, Computer Applications Specialist: Access Services, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN)
  • Our very own Rhonda Bracey gave an excellent presentation at this year's STC conference on how to conduct training/giving presentations. She had some good ideas that I hadn't thought of, and I've been giving presentations for the past 4 years or so. (Matt Galloway, Decagon; posted to Lone Writers discussion list, June 2002)
  • I attended the STC conference but didn't get a chance to attend your Training 101 sessions. However, I downloaded the material from the STC website and I found it so helpful! I used to do training in the past and plan to do a lot this year, and I found your PowerPoint presentation and checklists to be great reminders... I'm sorry I missed your presentation now! (Christina Dunn, IT&S Customer Communication, HCA - Information Technology & Services)