Author-it: Tips

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As an Author-it Certified Consultant and an advocate of this great software, I'd like to share some tips:

Also available is an "Author-it Capability Statement" (PDF, 152KB, September 2007), which lists my specific experience and expertise with Author-it.


Here's what others have said:

  • ...I'm moving right along now, and have been able to monitor the user group to find workarounds (Thanks Char, Rhonda, and Sue!!!) to any issues I've encountered. I ... sincerely appreciate all the good support delivered on this forum-it's invaluable! In fact, in the several years I've been using Author-it, I've only needed to contact technical support twice, and both of those turned out to be actual bugs! [Author-it Software Corporation] and its Certified Consultants have done a fantastic job of making this forum a reliable resource for issue resolution and workarounds. ... I again thank Char, Rhonda, and Sue for their tireless support of the Author-it community. These superstars not only help us work through issues we encounter with Author-it, but teach us to think outside the box with reference to Author-it's capabilities and uses. They are all three ingenious and creative, and are invaluable resources for the Author-it community. Thank you all! (Joe Ryan, Phoenix, Arizona, 2007)
  • My colleague and I talk about you and Char so much as the gods of Author-it; we refer to your amazing wisdom on the user group every day! (Katy G., Scotland, June 2007)
  • Thanks for your [Author-it] help! I had the entire document suite [working] correctly in fifteen minutes ... after you gave me the clue... I have spent the last three weeks trying to fix the problem in the Word template... I owe you big time! (Damian Forlani-Brennan, Perth, March 2007)
  • I'm a lurker in the AIT (Author-it) Yahoo Group and I've appreciated so many of your responses... Thanks again for all of your contributions to my understanding of AIT. It's a tough world for lone writers as you well understand, and the community lifeline support is invaluable. (Charlene Kingston, Crow Information Design, Phoenix, Arizona, March 2007)
  • Rhonda Bracey in Australia ... is probably one of the best (if not the best) persons on the planet to talk about [Author-it's] abilities. (Grant Hogarth, Sept 2006)

More comments are available from the Testimonials page.