Newsletters 2006

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Issue #21, December 2006 (PDF - 68KB)

  • Springboard for Adobe: Adobe forms automatic response collation software
  • Word: Setting a default folder for inserting images
  • Outlook 2003: Simultaneously update address details for multiple contacts
  • Windows Tips: Smooth display fonts using the ClearType settings
  • Western Australia Daylight Savings trial: Microsoft date/time update
  • Fun stuff: Holiday eating tips
  • Interesting websites
  • Software: IntelliScanner software for managing your media collections and your household inventory, including your own barcode reader!

Issue #20, September 2006 (PDF - 60KB)

  • Word: Graphics Tips: White background prints as grey; find the location of a linked graphic
  • Outlook 2003: Calendar Tip: Managing product warranties
  • Windows Tips: Turn off CD/DVD auto run; Set up shortcuts to multiple drives and folders
  • Blogs and podcasts: Feed aggregators
  • Travel websites: Universal Packing List; Travel clothing and accessories
  • Fun stuff: Fun metric conversions; "Who's on first"
  • Interesting websites
  • Read O'Reilly books by the chapter

Issue #19, June 2006 (PDF - 60KB)

  • Word 2003 Tips: Turn off reading layout; Fixing "Page 2" throughout the Table of Contents
  • Outlook 2003: The Activities tab
  • Meeting across Time-Zones: Finding that elusive time that suits everyone
  • Tips: For using colour; and Writing Tips for Non-Writers
  • Travel tips: Flight statistics, best seats, MP3 players
  • 2006 Conferences attended
  • Book recommendations: Eats Shoots and Leaves (Lynne Truss), and The Zen of CSS Design (Dave Shea and Molly Holzschlag)
  • Software and websites: System Mechanic - cleans up your Windows system of orphaned registry entries etc.; Firefox Dictionary extension; Origin of words quiz website

Issue #18, March 2006 (PDF - 50KB)

  • Word 2003: Hiding the Clipboard task pane
  • Software: WordCleaner - converts Word documents to clean HTML
  • Outlook 2003: Printing an address book/phone list
  • Meet With Approval: Free meeting organization service
  • Windows XP annoyances: Change settings for automatic updates and desktop cleanup
  • Little tips: Online pedometer; recycle old cell/mobile phones; dealing with telemarketers
  • Book recommendation: Never have your dog stuffed (And other things I have learned) (Alan Alda of M*A*S*H fame)
  • Pet Peeves: "lose" vs "loose"
  • Humour: Beatles Programmers Album; Chocolate Chip Cookies; mongoose; satellite navigation update

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