Newsletters 2005

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Issue #17, December 2005 (PDF - 73KB)

  • Word 2003: Getting exact table column widths
  • Outlook 2003: More keyboard shortcuts
  • Email tips: Emailing in plain text; using online services to distribute large files that you can't email
  • Captivate: Examples of Macromedia Captivate demos
  • Little tips: Eyeball food portion sizes with a chart from Kraft; how to get to talk to a real person at some large corporations; quick way to resize fonts; eco-friendly paper
  • Book recommendation: Fish! Tales

Issue #16, September 2005 (PDF - 60KB)

  • New Google stuff: Google Desktop Search, and Google Earth
  • Free professional photos for presentations etc.
  • How to create a favicon for your website
  • Reverse lookup dictionary (great for crossword addicts!)
  • Travel Tip: Satellite Navigation
  • Apostrophe Protection Society (seriously!)
  • The difference between "see" and "see also" cross references in indexes
  • Outlook: Changing your working week days
  • Book recommendation: Robert Thorson's Stone by Stone
  • And a silly label...

Issue #15, June 2005 (PDF - 55KB)

  • Cool website for creating graphs
  • Cool software: MindManager
  • Australia: Finding company ABNs
  • Windows Explorer: Shortcuts
  • Word: Styles toolbar button; selecting text using F8/EXT
  • PowerPoint: Quick ways of turning off the display
  • Outlook: Links to MSN Messenger
  • Book recommendations: Reality Cooks, and Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods

Issue #14, March 2005 (PDF - 50KB)

  • Writing a White Paper: Link
  • Australia: Free Directory Assistance number
  • Microsoft Office and Windows: Shortcuts
  • Pet Peeves: Complimentary/complementary, may/can
  • Word: Getting rid of a picture in the TOC
  • Test yourself!: Geography Olympics and Word Games
  • Holiday house instructions
  • Outlook: Scheduling tips
  • Acrobat: Loading Acrobat Reader 7.0 faster
  • AuthorIT: Presentations (new feature)
  • Mortgage Free Australia: Free plug!

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