Newsletters 2003

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Issue #9, December 2003 (PDF - 124KB)

  • Document layout hints
  • Book recommendation: Steve Krug's Don't make me think!
  • Word: Automatic Table of Contents
  • Word usage: Pet peeves
  • Software: PaintShop Pro version 8 new features

Issue #8, September 2003 (PDF - 241KB)

  • Windows: Show full menus
  • Windows: Keyboard shortcuts
  • Word: Repeat table header row
  • Acrobat: Create PDF from any file type
  • Software: Spyware killer; free PDF creator
  • Travel tip 1: Global email access using your own email program and computer
  • Travel tip 2: Cheap apartment accommodation in the US
  • Word usage: Pet peeves

Issue #7, June 2003 (PDF - 65KB)

  • News: AuthorIT Certified Consultant announcement
  • Word: Autocorrect
  • Acrobat: Security
  • Internet Explorer: Quick tips
  • Software: Spam and pop-up ad killers
  • Travel tip: Sleeping on planes
  • Word usage: That or which; its or it's?
  • Word usage: Pet peeves

Issue #6, March 2003 (PDF - 44KB)

  • Word: Automating Tables of Figures
  • Word: Getting rid of hyperlinks in a Table of Contents
  • Acrobat: Marking up edits in a PDF document
  • 'Urban legend' websites
  • OCR software recommendation
  • Outlook: Plain text emails

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