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From January 2008, all newsletter articles are posted on the CyberText Newsletter/Blog website.


Here's some feedback about our newsletter and blog:

  • Rhonda, your newsletters are the best. Thank you!!! (Kris Westrum, Metafile Information Systems, Inc., Rochester, Minnesota, June 2007)
  • Thanks again for your newsletter. I can honestly say that this is truly the only useful newsletter that I actually subscribe to as I always learn a few new things from each issue. It is so good I want to revamp the [company name] newsletters to emulate your newsletters. (J. Cowan, Perth, Dec 2006)
  • Love your Newsletter, Rhonda — crisp, clean and a good read! (Rhonda Sclanders, Forms at Work [June 2006])
  • I really enjoyed your latest newsletter [Sept 2004]. I always find something of use in it. Recently my work computer was upgraded to Windows XP, so I am now solving a whole new set of unfamiliar problems and getting rid of the little doggy was one. (Lou Martindale, Florida [Sept 2004])
  • Thanks for the copies of the CyberText Newsletter - they are both useful and interesting. I am still using the shortcut you gave me to update all fields in Word via three easy moves. (Richard Edge, Leading Edge Solutions [June 2004])
  • ... read the newsletter with great interest. And then I found myself reading all the other newsletters. You do a fantastic job! Beautiful, clear, and really neat little nuggets of information. I love it. Thanks for providing these wonderful sources of information. Your site really serves the customer and casual information-seeker rather than hyping the company, and I really like that. I just wanted to say that the newsletters are great, and thank you. (S.Godfrey, Technical Writer, California [March 2003])

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