Author-it Conference Handouts

WritersUA (2006): Customizing HTML Outputs from Author-it

Customizing HTML Outputs From Author-It from Rhonda Bracey

Rhonda Bracey presented a session at the WritersUA Conference, in Palm Springs (April 2006) titled Customizing HTML outputs from Author-it.

Official description from 2006 WritersUA Conference website:

Typically, Author-it content is published as 'for print' manuals, user guides, Help systems, and the like. But Author-it's single-sourcing and content reuse capabilities can produce much more.

Rhonda shares practical tips on how to create customized HTML templates that reflect corporate styles and branding, and how to create specialized outputs such as HTML newsletters and presentations using Author-it. If you're ready to move from the default 'look and feel' of the HTML outputs from Author-it, or just want to know more about what Author-it can produce, this session is for you. You should have a good understanding of HTML code and CSS to gain the most from this session.


  • How the various Author-it pieces fit together and what you need to make it all work.
  • How to modify the default HTML templates for HTML-based Help and websites.
  • How to set up Author-it to produce HTML newsletters.
  • How to set up Author-it to produce HTML-based slide presentations.



WritersUA (2005): Time-saving Techniques Using Author-it

Time Saving Techniques Using Author-It from Rhonda Bracey

At the WritersUA Conference in Las Vegas (March 2005), Rhonda Bracey presented as session titled Time-saving Techniques Using Author-it.

Official description from 2005 WritersUA Conference website:

Author-it is a powerful tool that includes content management, single-sourcing, content reuse, and more.

Learn how to save time, preserve consistency, and add value to your documentation by harnessing some of the power of Author-it. Rhonda shares practical tips and tricks learned over several years of designing and implementing a variety of single-source documentation solutions with Author-it.


  • How to create, assign, manage, and use variables
  • How to use system variables to add 'feedback loops' for online content
  • How to create, manage, and use embedded and reusable content
  • How to use release states to save time for reviewers
  • How to use release states to create "What's New" and "What's Updated" topics



STC Baltimore (2004): Author-it Tips and Tricks

Author-It Tips And Tricks from Rhonda Bracey

Rhonda Bracey and Char James-Tanny presented a joint demonstration titled Author-it Tips and Tricks at STC's 51st Annual Conference in Baltimore, May 11, 2004. Here are the handouts from that session:



Here's what others have said about our presentations:

  • I’m following your excellent instructions for customising HTML output for Author-it. ...Thanks to your instructions, I now have a fully operational HTML site, and my boss is very impressed! (Nicola Harlow, UK, November 2007)
  • Thank you so much for this information and for the presentations [Customizing Author-it's HTML output]. They were very helpful! Thanks to you, everything is up and running perfectly! ... I'd be happy to recommend you and sing your praises—the information you distribute on the list is really helpful and you are obviously THE expert in Author-it. (R. Karlin, PortAuthority Technologies, Israel, Oct 2006)
  • ... I want to thank for sharing the your handout from the conference. I've been working through the first two sections. ... I've also been using the first part of the presentation to troubleshoot customized book templates and related files that were causing me problems in the past. I was able to clean up some things. This first section was a godsend! I've talked to our vendor on several occasions asking him if he had or knew of anyone who had a roadmap to customizing HTML templates/pages. And nothing until your link popped into my inbox. Thanks you so much for sharing your information!! (M. Moreno, July 2006)
  • I have finally gotten around to implementing the suggestions in Rhonda Bracey's excellent handout from the [WritersUA] conference; it's like it was written for what I'm tasked with doing. Thank You Rhonda!.... The work you and Char contribute to the forums is amazing and appreciated. I know I have found the answer to many of my questions through your posts. (S.Hutchings, i.s. edge [June 2006])
  • Thanks for a great session on customizing Author-it’s HTML output—it was one of the most useful conference sessions I've ever attended. (Debi Lane [April 2006])

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